Monday, 24 January 2011

Tech Issues Sorted / Weekend Tickets Nearly Sold Out / 2012 Early Birds

Hi All

Less than a week to go now, and I hope you're as excited about the festival as we are! Firstly, apologies again about the technical issues that have dogged this site over the past week. They are now finally sorted, it was all due to DNS and IP servers and boring internet things like that. Anyway, we're back online - hurrah!

Anyway, enough of such things. Weekend festival tickets are now nearly sold out. In fact they were sold out, but we've just put a couple more on sale, and we'll try to make as many available as we can.

Lastly, early bird tickets for the 2012 festival will be on sale over the weekend, priced £40. They'll be that price until 1st Feb, when they'll go up to £50.

Any questions? No? Good. See you on Friday then!

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