Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Gloucester Tours On Offer

For the first time as part of the festival weekend, we're really happy to announce we've teamed up with Gloucester's Museum Service to offer festival goers a greater insight into this historic city.

Partly hidden by shops, a tour of Eastgate Street’s underground chamber will reveal the remains of defences and the East Gate of the city since it was established as a Roman fortress in around AD 68.

The site includes Roman remains, the base of a 13th century Medieval tower and the Tudor 'horse-pool' where wagons and livestock were washed in the city.

Led by Sarrah Macey, Marketing Manager of Gloucester Museum Service, this tour will take you around areas of Eastgate Chamber not usually open to the public and also give you the chance to quiz Sarrah on the rest of Gloucester’s rich heritage and culture.

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th January 4pm. Tickets usually £4. Cajun Offer £3. Places are limited so pre-booking is advised. Please call Gloucester Guildhall Box Office on 01452 503050 or pop in and reserve your place.

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